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League Mission

The RTS genre has long been cursed by the lack of formal, continuously operating tournament opportunities. While competition ladders are ubiquitous, organized league settings for clans and individuals are not. Since 2001, we have strived to fill that hole in the RTS community by offering leagues of professional quality in an informal and friendly setting.

RTS-League lives by the mantra that gamers know gaming best, and our staff teams have been hand-picked and continually updated with the best that each game can offer. We are not professionals, we are RTS gamers; our leagues operate with an effectiveness that no professional can duplicate.

We listen. Over the many years that we've been supporting leagues for RTS games, our community has grown and prospered based on the feedback of our participants. We will never hesitate to consider all suggestions, and hopefully bring them to fruition.

Basic Structure

Our leagues are built on a two-stage schedule. Every participant (clan or individual) will play a series of matches, one per week, against other participants in a group stage. Each match consists of two games; one side picks a map for the first game, the other side picks a map for the second game. The participants with the best cumulative records in each division at the end of the group stage proceed to a single-elimination playoff tournament to determine the season champion.


RTS-League is a non-profit organization that currently accepts sponsorship and donations merely to pay server costs. Our staff teams volunteer their time and money to this end. Due to the continually-operating nature of our events, prizes are not offered, and similarly are not the focus. While we enroll some of the top players in the entire RTS genre, the aim here has never been profit or personal gain, but friendly competition. We have succeeded for years offering nothing but fun and pride, and the response from our community indicates no more is necessary.


Over the many years we've been running, lots of RTS games have come and gone. Our main focus has been on the Age of Empires franchise and the stable community it has offered, but this is not a limitation for the future. With new promising RTS games coming out all the time, we are always ready and willing to offer clan or 1v1 leagues for any game that would like it. To have your game added to the RTS-League community, simply contact a site admin over MSN or email and we will do our best to make it happen.

Joining a League

Since the leagues operate continuously, with a new season for each league beginning right after the previous one ends, new participants may only join at the beginning of a season. At such a time, a formal sign-up process will be opened, and any willing participant must fill out the form provided. Information about such opportunities will be posted as news on the front page.

After all applications have been submitted, the league staff will review all the submissions and decide on acceptances. While we generally favor inclusion over rejection, careful notice will be paid to the stability and activity of each participating clan or individual. We do not pay attention to skill, but rather dedication to playing scheduled matches. Each season lasts a couple months, and accepting participants without the commitment to see it through can ruin the experience for all of the other players.

League Rules

The official rules for each league can be found on that league's home page. These rules have been refined over many years, and continue to change on a season-to-season basis. If you plan on participating, make sure you are familiar with the rules, as they will guide all administrative decisions made over the course of the season.

Every individual participant is solely responsible for scheduling and uploading his own matches, and every clan participant must designate an "operator" to carry out the organizational duties. The operator must be fluent in English, and be active enough on the site and forums to schedule and post the results for each of the clan's matches.

More information on rules or operator responsibilities can be gained by contacting a league staff member. They are a wealth of knowledge that you shouldn't hesitate to use!

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