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#1 2013-06-12 23:47:45

Black Adder
League Administrator
From: Praha, Czech Republic
Registered: 2007-11-15
Posts: 7379

AoT Season 19 – LNC Captures the Title!

Nineteenth edition of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League has seen its final games and we have a new master above all others – Late Night Club.

First game took place on Mediterranean, the map of choice for the Deities of Death top team.

As you would expect from LNC when they chose to go with double Kronos, the Deconstruction nastiness took place on Zeus' docks twice in close succession in the hopes that that would be enough to slow Magyar down. Well it did not, really, and the water was the crucial early part of this game as usual.

The fighting lasted for quite some time, the battles going to and fro, armies sailing around the map, but DoD were also seriously thinking about the land as their ecos grew, getting ready to smash the opponents who were quite lacking in that regard. And Mista made sure they could not get back into the game so easily by casting timely Ancestors on Velite's TC under construction, which put him at a further disadvantage as the only player with just 1 TC.

When the water fighting was nearing its end in more or less DoD's favour (nobody really cared about the water anymore), Magyar was already in full swing with making his rather substantial forward base, showing LNC what they can expect next. Velite tried to disrupt the effort, but the beachhead was well prepared and the effort soon turned into desperate defence of the forward TC being built.

At this time, Mista was eating through his side of the map and gathering his forces in the expectation of Tornado to start the final attack on ImonFiR3. When that began, combined with Magyar's knifing through Velite's butter, LNC knew full well they were knee-deep in trouble and their last hope was a Titan. But he could never come up fast enough to stop the inexorable advance of DoD's team.

LNC chose as their map Nomad and hoped to overcome DoD by the means of a prepared strategy.

Starting TCs positions seemed to favour the home team as they established their bases close by, while DoD had to face a long-distance run if they wanted to help each other.

LNC took to harassment early with a plan to assume control of the game and the intention worked great – the push on both Magyar and J4Jc3 was much strong and it forced the DoD star player to forgo the bickering on water and concentrate on land production fully, relinquishing the water to the power of Velite.

Meanwhile on the land, armies never stopped colliding, especially on the main battlefield right next to Magyar's base, and Turmas never stopped raiding the opponents' vills. Thanks to the starting initiative, LNC were always one step ahead and were causing damage and casting chaos into DoD's play, but Magyar is not one to be beaten so easily.

During all this, he was slowly gaining land towards Velite from two sides and was preparing for a crippling attack on his base. When everything was in place, he took the game into his own hands and with 5 TCs started a mighty push that seemed like nothing could stop it since only 2 TCs stood against it.

At the same time on the other side of the map, ImonFiR3 was constantly making live very difficult for the DoD leader, but no side was really gaining anything – this was, however, enough to give the LNC player a chance to comfortably discover Titan Gate and put the pressure of urgency on the forward push going on below.

The decisive attack here was not going as well as planned and LNC were able to slow it down also thanks to the destruction of Magyar's back TC and trade via Tartarian Gate and some killed villagers, too. And as soon as the released Titan went on to rampage J4Jc3's base, the situation became quite clear and the finals were tied at 1–1.

Decider was selected by fate and it picked Watering Hole.

LNC learned from their game on Nomad and went to set the pace of the game by early raiding/attacking on both sides, but ImonFiR3's efforts were soon stopped by J4Jc3's arrival at the scene of Brickhead's fun, whereas Velite did not really build on his attempts with Spoeft and concentrated rather on developing his game.

After some advancing to Heroic Age, Velite abandoned his efforts with Spoeft and went on to attack J4Jc3 centre base, which was unprotected because of a 2v2 set up up between Brickhead+J4Jc3 against ImonFiR3+Priest. Even though Velite's army was not too big, it attracted all three DoD players and allowed the remaining LNCs to push forward.

Soon all the armies were in Brickhead's base battling it out, while Spoeft was trying to push the advantage on poorly protected Velite's base in an effort to swing the momentum around. DoD were forced to leave Brickhead's positions and even though Spoeft was getting his work done, the situation did not look good as Priest's Elephants continued onto J4Jc3's base.

At the most opportune time, the homeowner got the chance to invoke Ragnarok with Flaming Weapons and that was the key to eliminating LNC's threat and turning the game around with Spoeft owning Velite, stopping his advance to Mythic in the nick of time.

However, ImonFiR3 was already ahead and soon after started uncovering a Titan. On top of that, Priest successfully halted Spoeft's might and DoD could not capitalize on the temporary advantage they had. Soon they were under heavy attack again and this time there was no stopping the army with a Titan backing it.

The Champions of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 19 are:


The finalists:


Download the recorded games: Game 1 - Mediterranean, Game 2 - Nomad, Game 3 - Watering Hole

In the battle for the third place, Virtual Killers crossed swords with Muppets. But do not let the names belie you – MpT had a strong season, winning Division 1, and they sure aimed to get the banner out of this season. The game 2 on Marsh was a continuous and entertaining fight ‘til death with everything in it, even Titans and a Wonder, and it was a fitting end to their path to the bronze banner:


Download recorded games of the whole season from the RTS League's Age of Mythology - The Titans Clan League Replays Archive.

This season saw the premiere of a unique competition aimed to provide additional fun and competitive matches for every clan – RTS League's League Cup. Six clans were invited into this follow-up tournament after the group stage and from those, there was one clan that proved to be the most skilled and fit for the only banner awarded. After numerous successful battles, Tsunami Clan earned the right to sport the wine-coloured badge of honour:


Since last season, RTS League has reintroduced the traditional Fair Play Award, a prize for the clan that was the friendliest and most fun to play with during the season, as voted by the opponents. Virtual Killers were the first to hold the title, this season RTS League is proud to announce that the fairest clan of Season 19 is:


Sky 9.3
LoVe 8.7
AoD 8.6
LNC 8.5
TCL 8.4
PureDM 8.3
DoD 7.8
PK 7.7
mG 6.0
MpT 6.0
vK 6.0
TSM 4.3

Congratulations to the awarded clans and thanks to all the clans that took part in yet another great season of RTS League!

Do not forget to check the assorted discussions about the games at RTS-Sanctuary's RTS League Replays forum.

Sign-ups for Season 20 will start in about a week, so get ready to challenge the top clans for their right to hold the banners!

[nex]Black__Adder (@BlackAdderPlays)

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." – Peter O'Toole
"The true measure of a hero is when a man lays down his life with the knowledge that those he saves... will never know." - The Outer Limits

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#2 2013-06-16 01:33:54

From: Saint Louis, MO, USA
Registered: 2007-11-10
Posts: 1604

Re: AoT Season 19 – LNC Captures the Title!

Congratulations to everyone who competed! Looking forward to Season 20.



#3 2013-06-16 16:53:10

Registered: 2013-01-07
Posts: 101

Re: AoT Season 19 – LNC Captures the Title!

Thanks for a great season everyone



#4 2013-06-16 20:54:02

AoT Clan Operator DoD
From: Belgium
Registered: 2009-05-07
Posts: 955

Re: AoT Season 19 – LNC Captures the Title!





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