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#1 2015-12-06 00:29:34

Black Adder
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AoT Grand Finals and Bronze Match Live This Sunday!


It's here! After a great season filled with so many intriguing match-ups and even better performances by not just the expected clans, we have reached the final stage of the RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League, Season 25 - the Grand Finals and Bronze Banner Match!

Only the best of the best in the whole of AoT could've reached the ultimate heights, and so we can be sure we're in for some truly epic games this #AoTSunday, and we're, of course, going to bring you those top quality games live on our twitch.tv/RTSLeague!

So, who are going to see battle for the prestigious RTS League Banners?

Bronze Banner Match

We're going to kick off with the Bronze Banner Match featuring two of the former Champions and highly skilled clans with many respected players, names that everyone in the community knows full well - Tsunami Clan will try to defend their Bronze from the last season they participated in, and Brazilian Team will try to follow up their Gold from the same season (gained under previous name TBL) with another award to their starting set.

TSM's season was full of quality performances, owning their division with just one loss to Deities of Death B and overcoming the reigning Champions 2k for jesus, and in the Playoffs they dispatched their ever-present nemesis Deities of Death A in some great games. They met their betters only in the Semifinals, where Albis Onis Lobias surprised the n2 seed and sent them to fight in the Bronze Banner Match.

BrT, on the other hand, had a tricky group stage, having to play extended match-up against Deities of Death A for the direct Playoff advance, but proved to be clearly better, raising their Banner expectations immensely with overcoming such a powerhouse. In the Quarters they continued with teaching DoD how to play, eliminating the Bs, and only in the Semis did AbsoLads, the n1 seeds, put a stop to their Gold raid, pitting them against their current opponents.

This will be a great match that could easily rival the Grand Finals, featuring players such as:

http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png Atlantis
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/ch.png Fen
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/pt.png PLAYER
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png Sensuy
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png Xeninha

for the home side, while the away team boasts:

http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png Leonard0
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png metall0
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png Playhrd
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png Seattle_MC
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/br.png SuperAfim

Come see them fight live on Sunday after 16:00 GMT/17:00 CET/11:00 EST/8:00 PST on twitch.tv/RTSLeague!

Grand Finals

And right after the Bronze is decided, we'll continue with the pinnacle of this season, the best of the best, the top of the top, the experts of experts, giving it their all to determine the greatest clan of current Age of Mythology, the holders of this season's RTS League Golden Banner. AbsoLads will attempt to repaint their last season's Bronze with the shiniest colour possible, while Albis Onis Lobias are aiming for their first Banner ever, hoping they could make the Cinderella story ring true once again.

Lad are having an awesome season, having lost just once in the group stage to Organization of Natural Uppers, but otherwise they convincingly overcame the other adversaries, including ReGeneration housing the top 1v1 players of today Magic, TheMista and Titou. Quarterfinals saw them defeat the Reigning Champions 2k for jesus, all the more supporting their position as the ones to claim the Gold this season, while in the Semifinals they have yet again shown their strength with skillfully overcoming the very strong Brazilian Team in four games.

Their most prominent trait is excellent teamplay, giving them edge in situations where many would bet against them, proving team chemistry is just as important as individual skills in team games.

Not many thought of AoL as a clan that should fight for the Title, but they grew through the group stage, culminating in convincing win against Deities of Death, sending them into an uncomfortable position of fighting for the Playoffs. Whispers of the shadow in the east side of the bracket grew, getting stronger with their successful Quarterfinal bout against Alliance des Résistants Francophones, finally getting confirmed by their good performance with Tsunami Clan, fully actualising their formidable presence.

The most curious thing about them is their Norse-heavy line-up, which should, by most everyone's take on the current meta, be insta-losses in most cases, but they are time and again proving such assumptions wrong through their skill and incessant raiding.

The progress of both those clans this season is a definite promise for highly entertaining gameplay, and it will be provided by players the likes of:

http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/fr.png Aurelien
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/mx.png Ayah (Azkeel)
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/it.png IKillUDie
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/fr.png JohnnyWalker
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/ca.png NyanRacingCat

on the one team, while the other hosts:

http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/ca.png Berserker
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/us.png Iron_maiden
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/it.png Puma
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/uk.png RecoN
http://www.voobly.com/res/flags/it.png Snak3_H3ad

Clans and players looking to make history for themselves, looking to etch their names into the RTS League Banners of the highest quality, looking to prove who gets to be called the best clan in the whole of AoT community. They will take up arms soon after the Bronze is decided, so don't go anywhere after that match, with the preliminary scheduled time for the Grand Finals being around Sunday 19-20:00 GMT/20-21:00 CET/14-15:00 EST/11-12:00 PST on twitch.tv/RTSLeague.

Format for both of the matches will be Best of 5, with two preset maps, looking like this: 1. Frozen Wastes RTSL, 2. Map 1 loser's home map, 3. Map 1 winner's home map, 4. Sea of Worms RTSL (Conquest), 5. Random.

Should be an evening-full of the best Age of Mythology entertainment you can find, finalising the great experience RTS League has been offering for the whole duration of this season - now it's up to you to choose your favourites and cheer them on to the win and the highly coveted Banners! Who is your pick? Let us know in the comments and on our community channels:

http://i.imgur.com/BrmV7gk.png http://i.imgur.com/u1Xv4Rp.png http://i.imgur.com/jhL7lal.png http://i.imgur.com/IEBUCY1.png http://i.imgur.com/NuEaX5r.png http://i.imgur.com/JuYIdyu.png

See you this Sunday at our live stream!

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

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