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#1 2010-04-18 11:54:27

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AoCZone.net - International AoC Community


Greetings to all AoC players and fans,

Let us introduce AoCZone.net the "Age of Empires II: The Conquerors" (AoC) international community center and recorded games archive. Our team has been and still is working hard on this project in an effort to create a place where people would come together to discuss, download records and learn news about the world of AoC. One place that would be the community center for everyone regardless of nationality; a place where AoC gamers from all corners of the world would meet.

AoCZone.net already has most of what a community center requires: Forums for discussions, a large and ever-increasing number of recorded games both daily games from Voobly/IGZ and tournament games from all the events since the beginning of AoC (there are currently more than 23 000 records uploaded); daily news on events from all over the AoC world, technical information, patches, tools and utilities, maps, AIs, interviews with famous persons, top rated players,  list of existing clans and more.

What it requires most right now is the support and popularity of AoC community. By visiting AoCZone.net, you can download and contribute records or information we do not yet have, you can take part in discussions, share strategies and gaming experience, you can promote your clan if it is not yet listed, find out more about events in the community through the daily news and participate in tournaments; you can let us know about events we may have missed and above all - you can help us unite the AoC world.

Visit http://www.AoCZone.net and join the community.

The AoCZone Team

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#2 2010-04-18 12:58:53

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Re: AoCZone.net - International AoC Community

wow nice sitw

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#3 2010-09-09 00:15:13

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Re: AoCZone.net - International AoC Community

just registered smile

love it



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