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#1 2015-04-18 19:45:20

Black Adder
League Administrator
From: Praha, Czech Republic
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AoC S36 Grand Finals CZ vs. WOLOL0 This Sunday!


It's here! The most important match of them all in Season 36 of RTS League's Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Clan League has arrived and will take place this Sunday 19/4 at 15:00 GMT/17:00 CEST/11:00 EDT/8:00 PDT/24:00 JST on twitch.tv/VooblyOfficial. Come watch the top AoC players from CZ Clan and WOLOL0 in action and see who claims the Golden Banner reserved only for the RTS League Champions!

The Grand Finals will feature two teams that have shown great performances throughout the whole season and have left no doubts that they ought to meet in the Championship decider. Both of them breezed through the group stage without a hitch and in the Playoffs, they played amazingly well with a stupendous record - CZ Clan going 6-2 and WOLOL0 6-0!

And they weren't meeting weak opponents at all, just look who they had to overcome: VN (recs, vids), RoR (recs, vids), nC (recs, vids), RFR (recs, vids), clans with tons of great players you could have seen in the later stages of War is Coming and with equally good team play. And this can mean one thing only - the Grand Finals are going to be epic. Such talent as is concentrated in those two teams is bound to produce fun and exciting games that are going to be a true joy to witness, games you won't want to miss for anything, games you will have dreams about.

Simply make sure you tune in to twitch.tv/VooblyOfficial on time to enjoy quality Sunday entertainment with top quality AoC, supplied by experts of the game:

The Czech defending Champions http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png CZ Clan

http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png Janik
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png Mango
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png Skull
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png Ovenka
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png trabant
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/cz.png yezris

The international challengers http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/international.png WOLOL0

http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/pt.png WeLeLe = tobi
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/jp.png WiLiLi = Bustos
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/fr.png WoLoLo = Edie
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/br.png WyLyLy = Miguel
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/fr.png WaLaLa = VM
http://www.aoczone.net/images/flags/fr.png WuLuLu = Eques

One name better than the other, getting even sweeter when together.

The format of the Grand Finals is Best of 5 with the following setup: 1. Random Land Map, 2. Game 1 Loser's Home Map, 3. Game 1 Winner's Home Map, 4. Nomad, 5. Blind Random.

So, have you chosen your favourites yet? Let us and everyone else in AoC know on our community channels and make sure to turn in for top AoC team games live on Sunday 19th April at 15:00 GMT/17:00 CEST/11:00 EDT/8:00 PDT/24:00 JST at VooblyOfficial - the place to be this weekend.

Come see the new RTS League Champions claim their Golden Banner!

Follow us: http://i.imgur.com/BrmV7gk.png http://i.imgur.com/u1Xv4Rp.png http://i.imgur.com/jhL7lal.png http://i.imgur.com/IEBUCY1.png http://i.imgur.com/NuEaX5r.png http://i.imgur.com/JuYIdyu.png

About us:
RTS League is the foremost and longest running "Age of" clan competition ever, with a history of hosting numerous other strategy games (like StarCraft II, Empire Earth, and Dawn of War) in the past. Fun and friendliness are the prominent aspects of RTS League, with the unquestionable prestige and fame the triumph brings to the top finishing clans following close behind.

[nex]Black__Adder (@BlackAdderPlays)

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." Peter O'Toole
"The true measure of a hero is when a man lays down his life with the knowledge that those he saves... will never know." - The Outer Limits

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