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#1 2017-05-30 12:51:39

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What happens in case of a three-way tie?

Heya, I was just checking the current standings in our group (Division C) and saw that the top 3 clans ( [TheJedi], VIK and Arg) all drawed against eachother, while not losing a single game to anyone outside the top 3 so far.
Assuming they continue to win 2 games against every other team outside the top 3 and don't get any points rejected for lack of scheduling or not showing up, which teams would advance to the next stage?
In the rules I only could find what happens in case two teams get the same record, but there's no mention of three-way ties, except when teams are tied in points over different groups/divisions:

B. Determination of Playoff Participants
1)    The top two clans in each division with the most points at the end of the regular season will advance to the Playoffs. In addition, depending on the size of the League and the number of divisions, the League Staff may select a number of third-place clans as "wild-card" teams to fill out any remaining spots in the Playoff bracket.
2)    If there is a tie between two clans in the same division, only one of whom can receive a Playoff spot, a one-game tiebreaker on the map "Blind Random" must be played to determine the winner.
3)    If there is a tie between two or more clans competing for wild-card spots, the Playoff participants will be selected based on a random drawing.

Would be great if one of the admins could shed some light on what's gonna happen before the group stage is finished and we'll get a lot of drama 11



#2 2017-05-30 16:10:09

Black Adder
League Administrator
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Re: What happens in case of a three-way tie?

Well as has been posted in the Guide to Season 40 top 3 are currently planned to advance, so all would go through. However, since the first place receives a bye into the Quarterfinals, we would still want to do deciders - probably 1 game between each of them on Blind Random. If it yielded no results, we'd probably step to random drawing.

There are still plenty of games left that are far from easy, so let's see how things develop smile

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