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#1 2018-01-23 19:16:38

AoR Clan Operator NHN
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Division 1:
This group, with the powerful sT B, RFR (last season´s runner-ups) or The Jedi Masters and ex-Jedi Z Straya A,  has become clearly divided into two asymmetrical groups, with sT B, RFR, The Jedi, Straya A and Gaucho C struggling to get the pass to the playoff round, while Stsn or LyF have not achieved a single victory.
Situation of each team:
sT B: 9-3
Affected at the beginning by the lack of organization, they have won all the games since Round 2. With the insured pass, to achieve the first position they need that RFR loses a game in one of their remaining confrontations (Gaucho C, Stsn, Straya A) to at least force a decider for the first position.
Straya A: 4-2
After good results against sT B and The Jedi, they have very good qualifying options that go by beating 2-0 LyF and Gaucho C. A game lost in one of that two matches will probably drive them to a tie-breaker against Jedi or Gaucho.
The Jedi: 5-5
Always competitive but this year having more difficulties than expected. A predictable 2-0 win against LyF would give them a pass option, but it would be totally detrimental to what Straya does. If Straya A win 2-0 at Gaucho C, they will leave their ex-teammates without playoffs.
RFR: 5-2
With still many games to play due to various problems of the rivals, the runners-up of the last edition have in their hands the first place. To do this they need to meet expectations and win 2-0 to the remaining rivals and take advantage of the AL and Miss of sT B to reach the first place.
Gaucho C: 4-3
With many games still to be played and pending administrators' decisions, they could still reach the playoffs if they win the 4 games against Straya and Stsn. Winning 3 of them, they could force a tiebreaker for third place.
Stsn (0-6) and Lyf (0-6): No longer options of achieving playoffs. Position will depend on the match between both teams, or a possible victory by Stsn over Gaucho C.

P.S.:  My english is not perfect, sorry for possible mistakes.
I dont consider the 4/6 Third Placed thing, as this will be more clear as the group stage ends.

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#2 2018-01-24 07:44:28

League Staff & AoR Clan Operator Gaucho
From: Cairo, Egypt
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Thanks a lot man! Really enjoyed reading. It sucks that Gaucho C had so many problems in this season. They have a pretty decent team and perhaps could have made it to 3rd place in the division. Look forward to upcoming matches.

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