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#1 2018-01-25 00:35:10

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Division 2:
The only division that has 4 2k teams, is being dominated by CZ as expected, but they are having some difficulties after two ties against Arg A and BF. This three teams plus turkish team Eycofcu are battling for the 3 playoffs spots. All that 4 teams with the exception of CZ, have lost  unexpecteds points: Arg lost two against Klu,  BF Lost one point due to connection problems and Eycofcu lost two with that lost Arena game against IIDA. This is the reason of the CZ'advantage at this moment.
CZ: 6-2
As in the previous season, they are having more difficulties than in the past to reach playoffs. However, they didnt leave place for surprise against Klu, nor against IIDA (as their rivals for the playoffs did) so they just need a 2-0 against Eycofcu to secure 1st place and playoffs.
Arg A: 5-3
In a very equal group, they  have good options of getting into playoffs. They need to win 2-0 vs Chile B, and at least 1-1 against BF to reach playoffs and force a possible tie-breaker for 2nd place against them. A 2-0 lose against this last team Would put them in very difficult situation with a very possible tie-breaker for 3rd place against Eycofcu.
Eycofcu: 5-3
They are in a similar situation to Arg but with one difference: they didnt get a 1-1 against CZ yet and if they cant equal the result achieved by BF and Arg A against the powerful CZs, they would depend on a BF victory against Arg A to at least force a tie-breaker for 3rd place.
IIDA: 4-5
With just 3 remaining games, their only option is a 2-0 surprising victory against BF to reach playoffs and getting the delayed 2nd Game against Klu. This Would make them at least force a tie-breaker for 3rd place.  All is possible, since they already surprised 2k Eycofcu.
BF: 4-3
With a lot of games still to play, they have already taken a game against CZ, and they didnt fail vs Klu (2-0) , so if theyre meet the expectations they should be reaching playoffs. But a game Lost against IIDA, or a 2-0 lose against Arg A could finish their playoffs options.
Klu (2-7) and Chile B (1-5). No longer playoffs options; Klu has advantage for getting the 6th place as they took a game from Arg A (a very nice victory in Arabia).

P.S.:  My english is not perfect, sorry for possible mistakes.
I dont consider the 4/6 Third Placed thing, as this will be more clear as the group stage ends.

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