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#1 2018-01-25 01:12:28

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Division 4:
This division is clearly divided in three groups with clear different levels. sT A , Klrz and VN are all 2k teams that have already secured the first three places. TK, VLNS, Buzz and NHN B are 17+ teams that are battling for the 4th place and have shown a very good level with norweigan guys VLNS even talking a Game from VN. And Chile D (1550+) is showing to be the weakest team in the group  but however giving good fights.
VN: 10-2
With all their games finished, they Will be 1st if sT A fails against Nhn B , VLNS, Buzz or Chile D. In the case they dont (expected), they Will need to win a tie-breaker against them to get the first place. They in fact won 2-0 against sT A, but the surprising lose against VLNS in Arabia and a 1-1 against Klrz (sT A did 2-0), make them not having secured 1st place.
Klrz: 7-3
They Will be 3rd placed almost for sure, as they would need a very unexpected sT A 1-1 against Nhn B , VLNS, Buzz or Chile D to force a tie-breaker for 2nd spot.
TK (5-3) has some options yet to reach playoffs (very few) They need a victory 2-0 against Klrz to force a tie-breaker for 3rd place, or if they take a Game from both VN and Klrz.
sT A: 4-2
With still a lot of games to play, they can force a tie-breaker for the first place in case they win 2-0 against Nhn B , VLNS, Buzz and Chile D. One game lost Would force them to a tie-breaker against Klrz for 2nd place, and two games lost Would make them 3rd placed almost for sure.
NHN B (5-7) , VLNS (4-6) and  Buzz (1-3) have very few playoffs options. They would need winning all their remaining games incluiding  against sT A.
Caucho D: 0-10 - No longer playoffs options. They still can try get their first victory of the season.

P.S.:  My english is not perfect, sorry for possible mistakes.
I dont consider the 4/6 Third Placed thing, as this will be more clear as the group stage ends.

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