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#1 2018-09-26 19:20:37

AoR Clan Operator BY
From: Argentina
Registered: 2018-08-17
Posts: 21

gold / silver / trash playoffs?

Hi all,

Well, first thanks for the effort and really like the community on this league.
Since they're different levels in the division set-up, I have a recommendation of making different playoffs based on the position so everyone can continue playing in the playoffs.
I know the main problem it's more work for the staff but maybe we (players) can help in that playoffs because it's our will to keep playing.
I don't know if more clans are interested.



#2 2018-09-26 21:02:29

League Staff & AoR Clan Operator ByT
Registered: 2014-05-12
Posts: 252

Re: gold / silver / trash playoffs?

I allways loved having silver leagues (or wooden spoon/fork) for Nations Cup and related tourneys. Apart from staf work, that shouldn't be that much, the main problem I see to do it is the lack of motivation from the teams, we allready had 3 DQ in this season, and we might encounter more the closer we are to the end of the group stage.

I don't know if that would motivate the teams to keep playing (hopefully), or just do the opposite effect.



#3 2018-09-27 19:31:52

AoR Clan Operator Rus_F
From: Belarus, Minsk
Registered: 2017-11-05
Posts: 27

Re: gold / silver / trash playoffs?

We are interested in this!

We are the organizers of the tournaments on Age of Empires 2 in Russian-speaking community: https://goodgame.ru/topic/101845/



#4 2018-09-28 09:19:02

League Staff & AoR Clan Operator Gaucho
From: Cairo, Egypt
Registered: 2017-02-21
Posts: 483

Re: gold / silver / trash playoffs?

I like this.

Retroceder, nunca. Rendirse, jamás!



#5 2018-09-28 16:19:44

Black Adder
League Administrator
From: Praha, Czech Republic
Registered: 2007-11-15
Posts: 7470

Re: gold / silver / trash playoffs?


Glad you're enjoying playing here smile

We're actually planning such a secondary posteason competition for a longer time and this season was one when it could be making good sense to introduce it with everything being new and such, we have that already in action for our Age of Mythology Clan League - League Cup for non-Playoff clans - and why we haven't implemented it yet is that AoEII League is much bigger and since we don't have the supporting systems in place here on the web, it is on top of the normal Playoffs more challenging to run.

Generally how we do it in AoM is we ask all the clans that do not go into Playoffs if they want to participate and from them form bracket similar to Playoffs that is randomly seeded (so it doesn't matter what you achieved in Group Stage) to give diverse match-ups and maybe if a lower-rated clan is lucky, get some good road to further rounds - the matches are Best of 3 all to make it simple and it in the end also gives better chance for upsets smile The clans fight for a single League Cup Banner for the winner.

Maybe we could see if this season could be the one then.

[nex]Black__Adder (@BlackAdderPlays)

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