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#1 2018-09-30 19:24:28

AoR Clan Operator NHN
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AoR Division 4 Analysis

Rise of the Rajas (WK) Season 1 Division 4 Analysis (By NHN Forever)

This group has three clear favourites that are Brazukas, ByT and Arg. They should be the ones taking the playoffs spots, and then RBTV and LAT_ fightning for a 4th place that could allow them to play the Round of 16 as well. LyF, Chile and NHN B are the weakest teams, but they could take some games from the two above.

Division 4:

Clan Arg (_Arg): Very strong argentinian team that has played in the last two seasons of AoC RTS League. They are very good on water maps, specially islands or migration, and have difficulties when facing 2k teams on Arabia-like maps. They have Carbo, that ourplayed Daut and Jordan in ECL qualification, german arena expert Stefan and

Possible line-up:

_Arg                              RM 1 VS 1             MAX RM 1 VS 1         RM TG             MAX RM TG

_65_Aramis_Arg                  2000                      2042                 1941                   1942

__07_Stefan_Arg              2000                        2009 ?                 1907                2011*

_187_Carbo_Arg                 2024                       1947                    1895                  1913

__50_Maxi_Arg                1940                        1963                        1913              1922

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: -----
AoC S40: Round of 16
AoC S41: Quarterfinal

Prediction: Quarterfinal/Semifinal

Team BraZuKas (BzK): For the first time, brazilian players joined together in a single team. Their roster counts with all the top brazilian players, but as far as we have seen, they donīt seem to be in the mod of playing RTS League (except Stark), at least until playoff stage. Anyway, the "2nd line" team is a strong 2k team that should be qualifying without much problems; however, they wouldnīt be favourites to the 1st place in their division without their stars.

Possible line-up:

(BzK)                     RM 1 VS 1          MAX RM 1 VS 1          RM TG           MAX RM TG
BzK_martinhs             2007                   2026                    1830*              1851*
BzK_OnLeKe             2000                   2027                     1791               1895

BzK_Naruto                2013                   2022                     1920                1920

BzK_St4rk                  2397                   2410*                   2005*              2027*

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: ------
AoC S40: ------
AoC S41: ------

If the top brazilians (Dogao, Miguel, Riut, etc) play in playoff stage together, then---> Final
If they play with a "B team" like they did in first rounds ---> Round of 16/Quarterfinals

Birras y Tapas (ByT): Main spanish team, they have some high-skilled players in their roster like the 2nd best spanish player Laan (2.3k), Poxo, c3mbrich or Ralber, but the first one is not expected to play with them in this season. They have reached playoffs in the last two editions and they should be doing it again. With their level being between 19x and 2k and a strong team-work, they will be a very hard to beat team, without being one of the main favourites for the banners.

Possible line-up:

ByT               RM 1 VS  1       MAX RM 1 VS 1         RM TG        MAX RM TG

Poxo                   1987                  2034                 1851               1884

ralber                 1999                    2108                1813              1920       

Moneimon           1887                 1962                   1814             1947

c3mbrich            1838*               1838*                 1863               1977

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: 4th/7 Group Stage
AoC S40: Round of 16
AoC S41: Quarterfinals

Prediction: Round of 16/Quarterfinals

CLAN LATINO (LAT_) : Mainly mexican team, their RTS League has well experienced TG players with ratings around 1750. Although if you look at the ratings u could think they are not better than NHN or Chile, their daily TGs have given them a really good teamwork and map knowledge that will be very helpful for them in this tournament. Without 1-3 placement options, they should be trying to get the best 4th for having some playoffs chances. 

Possible line-up:

LAT_                         RM 1 VS 1        MAX RM 1 VS 1       RM TG          RM TG MAX

LAT_Bicho_                   1822                    1822              1794              1863

LAT_SpAwN                   1802                     1864              1683                 1785     

LAT_Avenalgona            1603                      1706             1661                   1765

LAT_Kodigo                   1655*                    1670*           1751                1760

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: ------
AoC S40: ------
AoC S41: ------

Prediction:  Group Stage

The New Hellhunters B (NHN B) : Spanish core of NHN team, it consists on a high number of around 17x players. In the last seasons they took games from higher skilled teams, but this time they wonīt have some of their best players, so it could be very hard for them to win some games. They use to pick Islands or Nomad as Home Map, and are weaker in Arabia-like maps. Should be the weakest team in the division together with LyF.

Possible line-up:

NHN B                          RM 1 VS 1        MAX RM 1 VS 1          RM TG           MAX RM TG

_AreSS_                              1712                  1752                    1691                1692

Phisys_Imperi                      1584                  1710                    1540               1609

r1chards_                         1734*                 1859*                  1649               1743*   

IamCoreya                       1613                   1743                    1700               1724

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: -----
AoC S40: 7th/8 Group Stage
AoC S41: 5th/8 Group Stage

Prediction: Group Stage

Rocketbeanstv (RBTV): Team from the  Rocket Beans TV german gaming platform, they have some high skilled players in their roster, but not much experience in RTS League, with the exception of Chaos2win, german 2k player that has participated in recent seasons with Jedi Masters clan. They could be taking some games from higher skilled opponents of the group, but also being surprised by some of the lower rated, so i would not give them real playoff chances, besides some small one of reaching them via best 4th.

Possible line-up:

RBTV                          RM 1 VS 1             MAX RM 1 VS 1       RM TG          MAX RM TG

Sommos                      1766                      1876                    1675                1675

MangoBread                 2008*                    2084*                   1889                1963*               

H4voc                             1694                      1812                    1765                 1793

Stoneplease_kOm         1757                      1909                    1685                   1747

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39:  -------
AoC S40:  -------
AoC S41:  -------

Prediction: Group Stage

Lost Youth Federation (LyF): One of the oldest teams (2001) participating in this edition, they are also a regular participant of this tournament. With players from all over the world, they can be considered as one of the weakest teams on this RTS League. After finishing in the last spot of their group in the last two seasons, they will try to improve their results and repeating their success of AoC season 39.

Possible line-up:

LyF                           RM 1 VS 1          MAX RM 1 VS 1         RM TG        MAX RM TG

guembrifiedSoul            1904                     1945                  1719              1743

The__Assassin              1627                      1731                 1663                 1673

chubbynarator              1564                       1631                  1510                1600

KingBoothman             1610*                     1610*                1528                1609

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: 4th/7 Group Stage
AoC S40: 8th/8 Group Stage
AoC S41: 7th/7 Group Stage

Prediction: Group Stage

Chile Clan (CHI): One of the three chilean teams participating in this first AoR season, and the lower rated of them. However, they have good players in their roster, and much TG experience. Their ratings are around 1750, with their roster consisting on a mix of the Chi A and B teams from the last season. They should be fightning with LyF and NHN B to avoid the last spot of the division.

CHI                            RM 1 VS 1          MAX RM 1 VS 1         RM TG         MAX RM TG

_basket__                         1777                   1777                1633              1735

_Kine                                1781                 1781                    1701               1780

Batracio                              1709               1709                    1697                1805

Age2_x1_Crack                1721                  1727                    1739               1739

Last Seasonīs Results:
AoC S39: -------
AoC S40: -------
AoC S41: 7th/7 Group Stage

Prediction: Group Stage

Overall Prediction:

Ratings appearing here are from the exact time this analysis was done, so they could have changed since them.

* above one rating indicates itīs linked to another account from the same player.

Predictions come from a personal analysis and opinion, they are not intended to be disrespectful to any team. In the other hand, this predictions are based on a 3-team + Best 4th  playoff advance in each group.

Any help with errors is welcomeĄ

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